16 thg 7, 2010

Mind The Bird

Giới thiệu về MindTheBird trên website http://www.mindthebird.com
MindTheBird! is the Firebird Community activation campaign, with main goal to support launch of Firebird 2.5 and ensure the visibility of Firebird in the world of information technologies, media, open-source enthusiasts and end users.
MindTheBird! provides a messaging framework, marketing materials and guidance for Firebird end-users, journalists and even competitors. We encourage all developers and enthusiasts of Firebird to be the part of this very important campaign.
Be Firebird ambassador. Take a look around our website and we'll show you how you can help Firebird.
MindTheBird đã tổ chức một số cuộc thi:
  1. Useful and Cool Stored Procedures
    Ba SP thắng giải:

  2. Firebird Articles
    Ba bài viết đạt giải:

  3. Thiết kế logo sinh nhật thứ 10 của Firebird.
    Tải về tại đây.

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