Java 7 & Java EE 6

Java 7 (will be released in Feb 2010) have many new things:
  1. modules (you can customize the features of Java as you need, classpath will be deprecated).
  2. null check operator/condition:"?:"
  3. switch with string type.
  4. multiple exception in catch block.
  5. using diamond symbol for generics instead of greater symbol.
Java EE 6 (will be released in Oct 2009) have some interesting features:
  1. JAX-RS (support fully RESTful service)
  2. JFS 2.0
  3. Asynchronous servlets.
  4. Bean validation.
  5. web.xml is replaced by web annotation or xml fragments.
  6. web beans (session bean in WAR file).
Spring Roo is a new project, it is like Rails or Grails with pure Java.
Eclipse Galileo will be release in June 24, 2009. Its chronological priors are Calisto, Europa and Ganymede.

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