Your eyes have stolen my soul

When I met you first in 1994, you are just a charming girl with no specialities. The time passed over you and me quietly. At the end of that school year, you were awarded the price " The most excellent student of the school". I envied you very much. That made me do my best to catch up with you. It was also a stimulation which helped me make progress on my studying. Some day, you went by my class , I found something weird in my heart. I thought that it might be a moment of my agitation. I tried to ignore it.
April 21st,1995, you and I took part in the competition at Le Hong Phong high school. Then we went to Dam Sen park. I had a chance to look into your beautiful eyes. I would remember that moment forever. Your look burnt my heart. Your eyes stole my soul. After that day, your eyes have hovered in my mind. I have been missing you very very much.I have been looking forward to seeing you again.

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